David Coyle

Promoting a Healthy Forest on Your Land

Southern Regional Extension Forestry and NC State University, 2016
David Coyle and Mark Megalos

The meaning of forest health can vary based on the objective of the landowner or land manager.  Regardless, many things - both short-term and long-term - impact forest health.  Factors such as past land use, historical climate, and soil properties can impact the health and growth of trees for decades.  Tree genetics always has some impact on tree growth and health, as do things like current weather (e.g. droughts) and insect/pathogen damage.  Invasive plants and even native species can compete with desired tree species for water, nutrients, and light.  The key to a healthy forest is to determine your objectives, then plan an appropriate management plan to meet those objectives, always considering the many factors that collectively impact forest health.

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