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Ailanthus altissima
Karen Brown, University of Florida,


Dioscorea bulbifera

This member of the yam family – native to Asia and sub-Saharan Africa – was introduced to Florida in 1905. This plant has large heart-shaped leaves along vines that can grow up to 8” a day. These vines can quickly take over areas and completely eliminate competing vegetation. Small white flowers can form from leaf axils, but most reproduction and spread is from tubers. Tubers grow along the vines, and can range from marble- to softball-sized. Tubers drop to the ground in winter and can sprout roots and shoots. These tubers – both in the air and in the ground – are reportedly edible, but we recommend they not be consumed without extensive knowledge of the particular plant cultivar. Control of air-potato is difficult, and requires physical removal or multiple chemical treatments. Prevention is the most effective management for this plant.

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